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    Heint is Purim

    Since Purim is soon let’s recall an old ditty, Heint is Purim, morgen is ois; git mir a koppichke un varf mir arois – “Today is Purim, tomorrow it’s out; give me a penny and send me about!”

    Now one shouldn’t be too solemn on Purim. The day should speak for itself: is any rabbi so foolhardy to attach a heavy sermon to the Purim service? So let’s forget the exegesis and offer a few verses:

    Achashverosh was a silly king
    Who didn’t appreciate his wife.
    He looked for a new one
    To brighten his life.

    Her name was Esther,
    A nice Jewish maid:
    Her cousin was Mordechai,
    Scholar and staid.

    Haman the vizier
    Was mad at Mordechai;
    He threatened the Jews
    With death, ai-ai-ai.

    Mordechai uncovered a plot
    Against the life of the king:
    Haman had to acclaim him,
    Do him honour and sing.

    Esther asked the king
    To save all her people;
    The king hanged Haman
    Upon a tall steeple.

    The new vizier was Mordechai:
    He wore Haman’s ring.
    To celebrate Purim
    The bells go “Dong! Ding!”

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