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    Reforming Judaism – Tol’dot

    Isaac and the wells, from a 1906 Bible card

    There is something so very modern in the Torah’s statement that Isaac re-dug the old wells which his father Abraham had dug before him (Gen. 26:18).

    Something similar is happening all over the Jewish world today.

    I had a teacher who used to say, “If you want to reform Judaism, restore it”.

    The restoration of Judaism seems to be going on everywhere these days. Jews are going back to the sources to delve into the old ideas, principles and practices.

    The packaging is up-to-date. The technology of the 21st century is being utilised. But the content is traditional Judaism – Isaiah and Jeremiah, Hillel and Shammai, Rambam and Yehudah Halevi, Rashi and Ibn Ezra, Joseph Karo and the Chafetz Chayyim.

    Don’t let anyone persuade you that Judaism is disintegrating or in danger of disappearance: it is the modern world which is under scrutiny and its laissez-faire relativism is being found wanting.

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