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    Long upon the land – Ekev

    In his final speech to the people of Israel, Moses tells them it is God’s wish that they enter the Promised Land and prolong their days upon it (Deut. 11:9).

    Rav Kook, echoing the Talmud, points out that there are two ways in which Israel will inherit the land – suddenly or gradually.

    The gradual way is a step-by-step redemption like the coming of dawn.

    There is a parable about a person who has lived his entire life in darkness but now we have a miraculous possibility of introducing him to light.

    First we enable him to see a little amount of light so that he can get used to it, and only gradually do we let him see the whole of the light of the Heavenly Gates.

    From a spiritual point of view we can liken this experience to a person’s discovery of God.

    He sees God’s works little by little until finally he is ready for the wondrous manifestation of the entire Creation and its Maker.

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