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    Death & resurrection – Mikketz

    The name of the sidra means “At the end”.

    It derives from the Pharaoh and Moses story but it can hold a broader significance for every human being, indicating what will come at the end of this earthly life.

    Judaism traces back the notion of death to the Creation saga when God warned Adam and Eve that there would come a day when they would die.

    Judaism additionally says that eventually the dead will be resurrected.

    Let’s ask about those who are already alive at the time of resurrection. Since those who are resurrected need to have previously died, the Zohar says that those who are alive at that point of history will pass away and be revived at once.

    What about people who died when they were ill or disabled?

    The sages said, “A person will be resurrected as he was at the time of death. But the Healer of all flesh will cure them of their ailments”.

    No one knows whether the dead will resume their earthly relationships, though it gives us comfort to think that our dear ones will recognise us in the next world and in the world of resurrection.

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