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    God is in my head – Ki Tissa

    The sidra opens with the words, “When you count the heads of the Children of Israel” (Ex. 30:12).

    Metaphorically the verse could be read as saying, “When you get inside the head of a Jew”.

    What does one find inside a Jewish person’s head?

    The range of answers has many ideas and priorities and there is no guarantee that God has a place.

    Nonetheless more people believe in God than tell you so. Though they reject the “God as grandfather” concept which features a benign old man who smiles and tells you tales of the past, God cannot be pinned down to a stereotype.

    God is unique (Ehyeh asher ehyeh – “I am what I am”) and His presence is often suddenly revealed.

    The beauty of Nature, the grandeur of the human spirit, the impulse toward truth, justice and peace, the sense of comfort and confidence – all burst upon us as signs of the Divine Presence.

    God of my mind, I reason You exist.
    God of my heart, Your presence comforts me.
    God of my memory, I recall how often You inspired me.
    God of my books, I read the testimony of others.
    God of my eyes, I see Your works.
    God of my ears, I hear Your call.
    God of my feet, I go where You send me.
    God of my hand, I seek my brothers.
    God of my guts, I sense You everywhere.
    God of my people, Your wings protect us.
    God of my land, Your holiness is in every cranny.
    God of my nerve, my courage comes from You.
    God of my life, I am overwhelmed by Your grandeur.
    God of my being, I am upheld by Your greatness.
    God of my music, I sing Your song.
    God of my mouth, I speak Your praise.

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