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    Resurrection – Ask the Rabbi

    Q. What will we look like when we are resurrected in the Messianic age?

    A. Sa’adia Ga’on wrote in his “Emunot V’De’ot” in answer to similar questions:

    1. Who will be worthy of resurrection? Every righteous person and penitent. People who die without repenting will be punished by not being revived.

    2. Will people die a second time? No. They will be transported to the delights of the next world.

    3. Will the earth be big enough for all the people who will be resurrected? Yes. There are many vast unoccupied areas.

    4. Will our families recognise us? Yes. Since we will have recognised the patriarchs and prophets, we will also be able to recognise our relatives and family.

    5. Will people who had defects and diseases whilst on earth still have them? Yes and no. People will look like they used to, in order for us to recognise them; after that, God will cure them.

    6. Will those who are resurrected eat, drink and do earthly things? Yes.

    7. How will they live without earthly attributes when they reach the World to Come? They will manage, like Moses did when he was on Mount Sinai.

    8. Will those who disobey God after the resurrection still reach the World to Come? No. God will know in advance of their disobedience and will not resurrect them.

    9. Will those who obey God after the resurrection be rewarded? Yes. Anything less is inconceivable.

    10. What about those who are alive on earth at the time of resurrection? Some say they will never die, others that they will die and be revived in the World to Come.

    Questions remain, e.g. whether those who are resurrected will be young enough for their parents and childhood friends to recognise them: but how will the people from their adult life know who they are? If, unlike Sa’adia, one believes in reincarnation, which embodiment will be resurrected?

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