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    Another Lech L’cha – Vayyera

    Last week’s reading was Lech L’cha, literally “Go for yourself”.

    Rashi tells us that l’cha, “for yourself”, means “for your benefit and well-being”.

    Logically, the lech l’cha in today’s sidra (Lech l’cha el eretz haMoriah, Gen. 22:2) would have the same meaning of personal benefit.

    Yet how can a father who is told to take his son onto a mountain and offer him for a burnt offering expect that this will bring him any personal benefit?

    There must be an answer, and the answer may be that Abraham’s willingness to obey the Divine will brings him the benefit of proving to himself that he can be selfless and utterly dedicated to God.

    Additionally, there is a benefit for the people of Israel – the benefit that God would always hearken to the prayers of Abraham’s descendants when offered at this holy place.

    Indeed, a later verse of the sidra says, b’har HaShem yera’eh (Gen. 22:14) – “On the mountain the Lord’s Presence will appear”.

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